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Hello From Hanoi

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PART 1: End of SGN
Wow alot to write today,
On the Thursday we did a little more exploring of SGN.
We went down to the spice market, huge bags of all different spices. Great smells. Marc had a try of some Snake wine. The lady that gave this to him said it will give him strong arm, back and penis.(he said that he felt good,but no other commment has made and I didnt ask :))
Dinner was at the street market.. (I know how brave am I)
I had shrimp with rice.. Best part was I picked the shrimp live from a tank. So I think they were the freshest I have even had.
We have found the best beer is Tiger (I know it is Thai, But it is the best so far)

PART 2: Start of HANOI
Well we got into Hanoi very late on the Thursday/early Friday Morning.
We thought that everything was going smoothly, As our guy was there to collect us from the airport. Little did we know that it was all going to change when we got to our Accommodation that we booked on the internet in SGN.We got done by the HOTEL BANDITS OF HANOI!!!!
First the driver could not find the hotel, once the hotel was found the owner said that they have filled our room as we were late. (We did give our flight number and ETA)Then he says we can stay in our other hotel,Went to other hotel to find the wrong room and the worst smell ever. We said NO to this offer. We then were taken to another hotel. The room was clean and no smell. We took it, as it was 1.30am and we were just to tired to find a room anywhere else.
We did not stay at this place for our next night. Turned out they wanted us to pay more and we were not happy with that.
We are now staying in a great place called the Camellia Hotel.
The property is fantastic, Kind and helpfull staff & more importantly cheap clean rooms. We are paying around $15USD per night for the room.
Yesterday was a bluge day no sight seeing to be had. Just late breakfast, And sussing out our trip to the north.

Last night we had dinner & a few drinks in the Old Quarter.hcmcpics_123.jpg
We went to a bar first called the Quan Bia Minh, it is out of the Lonely planet, stated as were most backpackers like to hang as the beer is cheap. We wanted to ask a few of the people about their travels to the North to get an idea??
There were none.... On our way home we went to the street market. I brought a hat, gloves that turn into mitten and a scaf for $5USD. I needed them as it will be freezing in the north. When we finished there we headed back to the Hotel. We stopped at what I guess you would call a beer corner. Lots of kegs of local brew. Cost around 15cents (crazy)It was not Tiger but I gave it a go. Marc really liked it.. I had one and went back to Tiger. We meet a guy that is from Las Vagas (Jim) and is doing a solo push bike tour of the whole of Vietnam. Yes you herd correctly ON A BIKE?
We will get to meet back up with him in SGN on the 30th Before we come home. He will have some great stories I bet.

Love and Kisses
Em & Marc

PS we miss you so much Abi xx

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Off to Hanio

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We are off to Hanoi tonight at 9:30pm.
We have booked out first night at the Queen Hotel.
Looks nice...

Yesterday we went on a 5 kms walk around SGN. It got fairly hot in the middle of the day so we were not walking fast.
We went to The Ho Chin Minh Art & War Remnants Museum The Huge Markets (that place is crazy).
Last night we went to the Rex for a drink on the roof. Full of Wide eye's (westerners).
Marc has been trying to learn the lanuage why he has been here. He said it really hard to learn. I have learnt how to say Hello, Thankyou & piss off. So I am pretty much covered for this trip.

We are heading to Chinatown (Colon)Marc is shaving his head today to stay cool.

Talk soon...

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We are here!!!!

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Hey every one,

We got in fine.. Not too scary.. Only thing that was a little scary was the taxi ride to My My House. Mai Than meet us at the airport.
She is the owner of My My House.
My My House is very nice for what you pay for mai is very friendly and she looks out for all of her guest. she doesn't like to see anyone rip them off.
Marc and I booked our tickets to Hanio. We leave tommorrow at 9:30pm. It was a little funny that my first few house of SGN was sending in travel agents price beating. But hey I am the touist now.
We will be going to the rex hotel for a drink to night or toomorrow. Just to say we have been) We are off now to do a walking tour od SGN. its is about 5kms. A little hot today around 30's.

Catch up soon.

Em & Marc

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Planning stage for our month in Vietnam

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Well over the next few days Marc and I will be planning our trip, well kind of we will write it down, not book anything and Play it by ear when we get there.
That is a much of a plan we have.
We will Land in Ho Chi Mihn on the 2nd Jan 07.
We have booked our first night at a place called My My Arthouse. It sounded good it is a new hostel.
I will keep you posted once We check in.

I not sure if Abi (our puppy) really knows whats going on yet. dog_30_06_06_008.jpgShe will be staying at my parents for the month.
I sure once we start to pack, she will manage to take a few things out and hide them.

Not sure what else to write on my first entry so I will keep it short.

Love and kisses

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